Book On Org Cog Model

Cover of Death of The Org Chart Rise of the Organizational Graph
Book written by Walt Brown describing his Org Cognizance Model and the Org Graph

We link to the book Walt Brown wrote about the future of organizational structures “Death of the Org Chart, Rise of the Org Graph.” An introduction to The Organizational Cognizance Model and the Organizational Graph.

The book describes The Organizational Cognizance Model (OCM) and Brown’s life’s work. (OCM) aligns with and builds on the theories and academic advances of DrukerWeberMentzbergGalbraith,  Burton etc. OCM extends these models with names like bureaucratic, post bureaucratic,  hierarchal, functional, matrix, command and control, informal, team, network, circles etc. It draws its relevance from real-world, first hand re-org, re-structure experience in companies with 20 to 14,000 people.  It is confirmed through the laboratory of practical application advanced by companies following the approaches of Collins (People and Seats), Wickman (Functional), Robertson (Circles), and Harnish (Functional and Process) etc. 

The reality is this, what works in real life is a combination of all of the above, every organizational architecture requires all of this solid thinking and theory, we just need one real-world model that brings it all together and allows the organization to be “self structuring” for the situation = the OCM and it’s 14 Point Checklist.