How CEOs will get a grip on their newly remote organization?

In our latest poll of Business Professionals we asked:

“In 2022, considering only workers who can work remotely. (i.e. have the option) How many days per week on average will employees want to come into the office?

The results: 31% zero to one days per week; 45% two days per week; 20% three days per week; 4% five days per week.

31% – 45% – 20% – 6%. This is a sea-change, maybe even a tsunami.

We used 2022 on purpose because that is when we think things will settle down, when a new future like the one described in the poll results above will set in, or flood in.

We are fielding the headline question from CEOs, HR pros, and business leaders all the time and we have a solution we are happy to share. We are happy to share how our clients are attacking this issue with OCM™, the 14Pt Checklist™, Learn.7Q7P, OCOG™ and OGraph™.

So, how are we going to address this more remote workforce of the future? See below.

Note: This is quick hitting, not drawn out stuff.

Step 1: Your Organization learns OCM™ (The Organizational Cognizance Model) and the 14Pt Checklist™ method. They do this by reading our book: Death of the Org Chart, or following the self-guided lessons in our video based learning platform:, or they have us run train the trainer learning sessions.

Follow this link for a quick overview of OCM™ and the 14 Pt Checklist™.

Step 2: The Organization completes a series of 15 minute Flower Power Exercises™ to generate a complete inventory of all of the Positions and Roles that are being played inside the company / organization. It is best when everyone participates.

Step 3: Each Position / Role owner participates in naming each Position / Role and writing 20 to 80 word Purpose Statements describing the Why – How – What of each Position / Role.

Step 4: Position / Role owners participate in a 20 minute mapping exercise where they map their Positions / Roles to the 14 Point Checklist™ using the Position to 14 Pt Checklist Matrix™.

Step 5: Working independently and as part of quality groups, individuals populate the Organizational Graph™ using with the data on their Positions to 14 Point Checklist Matrix™.

Ongoing Step 6: On-going, continuous refinement and improvement. Now that everything’s out in the open and captured in one place, as one source of truth, OCM™ becomes how you structure and the 14 Point Checklist™ is how you think. Teams and individuals turn to to find answers, use it to solve issues, improve and document upgrades.

Ongoing Step 7: Employees, weather remote or in person are now Organizationally Cognizant. All of the “stuff” that was once learned in the hallway or around the water-cooler, was implied, is now documented out in the open, updatable and accessible for all.

The video below outlines the steps visually, in a storyboard format.

Video – A CEO’s vision on how she gets a grip on her more remote organization.

Below are links to immediate resources for you.

Model Overview: Quick link to an overview page.

Book: Read the book we wrote on modern organizational structure and design introducing the Organizational Cognizance Model™.

Cover of Death of The Org Chart Rise of the Organizational Graph
Order the book we wrote on the subject that outlines all of our lessons. Death of The Org Chart

Download Chapter One of Death for Free – Click Here – Our compliments.

Video Learning – You can learn and train your entire organization about the Organizational Cognizance Model™ and the facilitations and methods we deploy using our video base self-led learning Platform.

video learning platform for organizational structure and design
Buy one single unlimited licence to our video learning platform for your company and team for a one time fee.

Software: You can capture, update, visualize and interface with all of your OCM™ work in one place with our state-of-the-art Graph Database software as a service platform.

Try: You can try out for free by signing up for the Sandbox.

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