Who We Are

I. We are team of OCM Master Coaches, Facilitators and Consultants. Students of the game. Seasoned Organizational Structure, Design and Visualization experts gathered to help you.

Walt Brown, our founder, has assembled and trained a team of Organizational Cognizance Model Master Facilitators with real-world experience. Each Master has facilitated over 50 companies each, helping them redesign and reorient their structures and processes.

Each Master OCM has their own firm – Some are EOS® Implementers, some are Family Business experts, others run Fractional HR Service companies, some are six-sigma blackbelts – all are the best of the best.

II. We are also a team of seasoned OCM Practitioners who assist in facilitating individual employee cognizance and helping with documentation of the OCM work deep into your organization.

To help you capture everything that is going on, we can send in a “tiger team” of experienced Practitioners who can run mini-workshops and help you with capture and documentation. Our Practitioners are experienced HR and Strengths professionals who bring keen insight from experience – their passion for the mission and deep practical knowledge makes them fun to work with.

The 7Q7P offerings create CulturalOperational, and Structural clarity and consistency in your organization. Learn more about 7Q7P.

7Q7P Offerings

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