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Path to Mastery Offerings

Mastery is an important word. In our world we refer to mastery as something you achieve but then have to work hard to keep. We measure mastery by one’s ability to teach others and train trainers.

Our goal at OCOG is to train the trainer, to teach the leaders, to equip the student, to put them on the path to organizational structure mastery.

Mastery Offerings

I) Self Guided Organizational Cognizance® Learning: On-line Video Courses

Our self lead on-line video courses are presented by Walt Brown, the creator of the Organizational Cognizance® method, and co-founder of OCOG. Each video is accompanied by worksheets and handouts your can open or download. You can see the course outline here.

Learn more about Self Guide Learning here.

II) Group Live Workshops you can attend in person or virtually. (Postponed for now due to Covid)

Once folk have dipped their toes in the water via the self guided learn programs, or in via person facilitations, we find they like to gather to share their insights and advances with others who are students of the game. They like to sharpen their saws together.

We offer four quarterly workshops a year. We run these at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill NC, part of UNC. This is a train the trainer workshop, where you should be able to go back into your organization and run the facilitations to keep your Organizational Graph Data Model up to date.

Typical attendees are CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CPOs (people officers) they often bring along a key person or two. The group is always switched on; deep thinkers who are looking for the next big advantage, and they know this area of work is a big one.

Photo of the Rizzo House that was on the Rizzo Center property before UNC Chapel Hill developed it. We meet here for lunch to during our Workshops where we cover Org Charting and Org Graphing.
Rizzo House – Where we have our lunches – AAA Conference Center

III) Facilitated Working Sessions Following the Proven Process

Team Facilitations and Coaching: Live and live virtual.

Gentle Restructure and reorg proven process
OGOG Proven Process
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Additional Services

Capture and Documentation Services

Some organizations are just “too busy” to lay down the initial tracks to capture and document the work our team does “in the room” extracting exactly what everyone is doing, why, how, with whom, when etc. We help clients organize the 14 Point organizational structure work we do together and then capture it in a modern day organizational chart, or rather organizational graph. (Billed hourly)

Who we work with

We train coaches and we work directly with companies and organizations. As small as 15 people to publicly traded firms to non profits like Sandia National Labs.

Our core business is engaging with organizations to train their leaders and trainers.

The 7Q7P offerings to create CulturalOperational, or Structural clarity and consistency in your organization. Learn more about 7Q7P.

7Q7P Offerings

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