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Article: How CEO’s will get a grip on their newly remote organization?

In our latest poll of Business Professionals we asked:

“In 2022, considering only workers who can work remotely. (i.e. have the option) How many days per week on average will employees want to come into the office?

The results: 31% zero to one days per week; 45% two days per week; 20% three days per week; 4% five days per week.

31% – 45% – 20% – 6%. This is a sea-change, maybe even a tsunami.

We used 2022 on purpose because that is when we think things will settle down, when a new future like the one described in the poll results above will set in, or flood in.

Organizational structure and design book link to chapters

Book about the Organizational Cognizance Model: Death of the Org Chart – Rise of the Organizational Graph.

“If organizational charts could talk, this would be the language they would use. Brown has done a masterful job of capturing the actual complexity of 21st century organizations and boiling it down into a straightforward nomenclature we can all understand and get our heads and hearts around. Then he adds Ograph as a software solution to capture, document and visualize the work, this language. Winner, winner. Anonymous – CEO 14,000 person research organization.”

Organizational structure conversation

Fun Article: What if Org Charts could talk or sing?

If an Organizational Chart could speak it would enjoy a very limited vocabulary, like the character in Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot;

“I am Groot!” 

how to think about organizational structure and organizational charts

Article and Video: How to think about org structures and org charts, today and in the future.

“… As humans, in the past, we were organized and we would organize as tribes, and as tribes we would have Elders, and leaders, the final decision makers.  

Nowadays, this decision making is less centralized, more automated, more dispersed, less black and white, and we need a way to really understand and capture how we are organized inside as a modern tribe. And, key point, it should not always start with the centerpiece as the leader, i.e. who we report to, our boss.”

Quick Article: Visualizing and Pruning your Meetings

How to visualize your meeting structure from your org chart

If we could see our meeting structure directly from our org chart that would be cool, right? Meetings have a tendency to do two things. 1. They propagate like rabbits, and 2. once they are in place they tend to stick around longer than they are needed, like in-laws.

Imagine if we could see our meeting structure directly from our org chart with a few clicks. This article shows some animated gifs and links to a great video by

Quick Article: Mapping Objectives to Our Jobs in our Org Chart

OKRs, Objectives and Key Results are all the rage now a days, and they are good and effective. But the issue is how do we see how our Objectives link to our organizational structure. Can we see our objectives from our organizational chart?

Adding the ability for the organization to see what our Objectives are and how they link to our Jobs, Departments, People and teams will make the OKR effort come alive.