Org Chart to Objectives

Mapping Objectives to Jobs in your Org chart.

CEO: What are everyone’s Objectives and why? Individual Contributor: What are my Objectives and why?

Linking org chart jobs to objectives in real time should be how an org chart works with OKRs

OKRs, Objectives and Key Results are all the rage now a days, and they are good and effective. But the issue is how do we see how our Objectives link to our organizational structure. Can we see our objectives from our organizational chart?

Adding the ability for the organization to see what our Objectives are and how they link to our Jobs, Departments, People and teams will make the OKR effort come alive.

The issue is this, OKRs, Objectives are one directional signal we rely on to set priorities for our work. We also look to our boss for guidance, we discuss these in our weekly meetings, we understand the workflow that has to happen, we get the purpose of our job, we know who to turn to for mentoring and coaching. In the Org Cog Model, our Objectives are just one piece of cognizance and we need to be able to see how it ties in, like in the image above.